All Alone Together

All of us would agree we live in decidedly different times than we have experienced before.  Never in our lifetimes have so many people been so uncertain about so many things, and literally so afraid.

The Most Important Opinion of John Roberts

We do not have to be a supreme court justice, or a decider-in-waiting at an elite private school, to understand in our lane of life as a decider the importance of humility, balance, and a measured view of our own opinions. Very few decisions or comments, including comments about politics and pandemics, driven to the edges of available options by stridency, ego or largely anecdotal one-time personal experiences, take us to the best place. And just calling those decisions and comments every time we have a disagreement with someone a stand on principle does not make all of them so, does it?

COVID-19 Response

UPDATED 6.3.2020: Office Procedures During COVID-19 As of June 1, 2020, we are meeting with clients at the Wells Law office. We have adopted the following procedures for our lawyers, paralegals and staff who are working in our office. We also will require clients to...